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Can I book a shoot with you?

   At the moment Electric Eye is mostly pop-up only, so you have to come find me at an event (check the event calendar). Outside of Electric Eye I work/commute as a corporate photographer for well over 40 hours a week, so booking me in my free time will probably not be possible. If you have a dire need for a special project, please email me through the contact form.

Can I book the photo van for my private event?

   Yes but my availability is extremely limited. Read this page to learn more. 

Why are Electric Eye prices so drastically different?

   The answer is *time*. All of my prices are based on the amount it costs me to do the shoot (example: do I have to rent a space or pay a vendor fee?) plus the approximate time it takes me to shoot, cull, edit, upload, etc. One photo that is shot, quick-edited on an iPad (I created my own Lightroom preset that edits the photos with one push of a button), and uploaded on the spot is a lot cheaper than a green screen multi-image composite with editing consultation and 30 minute studio photo shoot, because of the time it takes me to create it. This is also why hiring me to come to your private event with the photo van is expensive. You will have to pay for time spent working for your event, which includes before, during, and after the event. All of my prices, including to hire me for a private event, are below the market rate!

Can my pets be in the pictures?

   Most likely! If it's not a dog or cat or something you can hold for the entire shoot, please ask. If you have a very well behaved animal and are willing to adhere to my pet policy, which includes paying upfront as a $50 pet mess deposit, then yes! Please read the pet policy agreement below:

We love taking pet photos at Electric Eye (Bridget used to be a professional pet photographer while in college)! But unfortunately, a pet mess like potty or puke in the photo van would mean pricey detailing fees, having to shut down the event, lost wages, and more. We ask you to pay a simple $50 fee for the time and money we would have to spend towards clean up if this was to happen. Your pet might be well behaved, but we have shot enough pet photos to unfortunately know this policy needs to be in place for some pets/pet owners.

A note about cats: Some cats are super chill at your house, or even in your car, but they get to the studio and freak out. I really do not recommend bringing cats unless you have the type of cat that goes everywhere with you. 

If you are doing an EXTRA shoot (green screen shoot) I can photoshop a picture of your pet in for a small fee. 

Can the photo be of just my pet(s) and not me?

   Uh duuuhh, yes, of course. As long as you are okay with the answer directly above. 

Do you do special shoots, like engagements?

   Sort of! The very first answer at the top of the page applies to this question as well, but I love doing cool and creative special projects. Expect my availability to be limited, and the shoot to cost at least $300. Here is an electric eye engagement photo:

Aren’t you just a photobooth runner? What photography qualifications do you have? 

   Hi there, my name is Bridget and I am a professional photographer specializing in architectural, corporate photography, product photography, and more. I have my BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University, I have my FAA Part 107 drone license, I have 16 years of photo editing experience in Photoshop, I own two photography businesses, I've been published quite a few times, and I am currently the full-time Photography Manager of a worldwide corporation located here in San Diego. You can find my other photo business HERE

Do you travel with the van to other cities?

   I wiiiiiissshhhhhhhh!!! Maybe someday. 

Can I use the photos you took of me however I want, can I submit them to a magazine?

   *Sigh* this can be a tough one for professional photographers. This is something I take very seriously for my Perspective in Pixels photos, to the point that I will contact the magazine and send out a cease and desist. I am much less strict with Some Electric Eye photos. My policy for this is that for BASIC shoots, go head (please at least include Electric Eye / / in the image credits), for green screen shoots please ask me. A BASIC shoot is just your face(s), while a green screen shoot is something artistically created by me. for that kind of stuff I charge a publication fee. 

Please support artists financially instead of telling them they will be paid in “exposure.”

Will you share the photos you took of me on your social media?

   There is a good chance I will. I used to always ask permission and ask what Instagram to tag, but at events it’s hard to do so unless you want to fill out extra forms. Just assume I will post one of your photos. Please let me know ahead of time if you do not want them posted. If a photo of you has already been posted and you have an issue with it, Please DM or email me to have the photo taken down, or you can let me know if you want to be tagged in it. Keep in mind DM's on instagram often go to spam, so email might be quicker.

What prints and products can I get of my photos? 

   In person I can print 4X6 prints, Mini-Wallets, and photo keychains. Once your photos are uploaded to the web, you can click on them and order more prints and products that are done on this website through a 3rd party. There are more print options, products like phone cases, pillows, mugs, and more. I am also okay with you having prints made on your own elsewhere with the digital file. 

Do you have merch?

   I have Electric Eye Stickers and sticker sheets! Is there something else you want? Let me know. 

Can I invite you to vend at my event?

   Yeah! My schedule is limited but feel free to invite me and let me know how much your vendor fee is. Send me an email
 through the contact form


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